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  1. Octa
    September 13, 2015 @ 5:12 am

    I have 4 tattoos (3 reasnos and 1 mistake). My first was a yellow rose on my ankle-we were living in Virginia and I missed Texas so much so I got the state flower as my reminder that home was always close. I have fraternal twin butterflies that symbolize my freedom to spread my wings and fly after 2 bad marriages. My 4th is double hearts and a name. I have plans to go back and get 1 more on my feet. On my right foot a momma ladybug then a space for my oldest daughter who moved out and then 2 smaller ladybugs following each other for my younger daughters, on my left foot where the space is on the right will be the missing ladybug so she will be there but not with us. After that one, I will be done.

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