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‘No Park In Denver Is Safe’

Former Mayor Wellington Webb Urges Residents To Oppose Developing Park Hill Golf Course Land By Cara DeGette Editor, GPHN Declaring that “no park in Denver is safe” if developers are allowed free rein, former Mayor Wellington Webb is urging Denver residents to contact their council representatives and register opposition to efforts to develop the 155 […]

Parade Turns 10

Since its maiden voyage in 2010, the Park Hill 4th of July Parade has transformed from a laid-back neighborhood celebration to, well, a really big laid-back neighborhood celebration, This year more than 800 riders, floaters, dancers, horseback riders, musicians, dancers and other various  (and surprise) merrymakers are gearing up to delight the throngs of thousands […]

Making A Better Place To Live

A Brief History Of A Remarkable Neighborhood By Bob Homiak and Cara DeGette For the GPHN Editor’s note: The following history of the work of the Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. is largely based upon a condensed 20-part series of reflections by Art Branscombe, which was published in 1994 and 1995. The portions detailing Martin […]

Community Announcements

What’s The East Plan? The Denver City Planning department has developed an extensive plan for the “East Area” of Denver, including South Park Hill, Montclair, Hale, and East Colfax, Plans for the area include the following categories: Economy and Housing, Mobility, Quality of Life and Land Use and Urban Design. If you have not heard […]

Small But Mighty

Burrowing Owls stand only about 7-10 inches tall. They arrive in Colorado in the spring, and commonly move into prairie dog colonies, where they claim an abandoned burrow. In recent years they have been a threatened species, since much of their natural habitat has been obliterated. This female Burrowing Owl and her mate have taken […]

At Critical Mass

Climate Change Is The Single Most Important Issue Of Our Time In the two years that I’ve been writing this monthly column, the intention is to raise awareness surrounding human-made climate change. My hope has been to educate and motivate people to action. I have heard from so many of you who take the time […]

50 Years Since Stonewall

This year’s rainbow-filled Denver PrideFest and Parade was filled with reminders of the Stonewall riots, the history-making flashpoint for the LGBTQ community across the country. On June 28, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn gay bar in New York City. The harassment led to six days of rioting and protests. It proved to be a […]

Third Graders Unite

May 23 Was A Day To Remember In the April edition of the Greater Park Hill News, we shared with you an overview of our organization, Park Hill Neighbors for Equity in Education (PHNEE) – including pivotal work being done in three main focus areas: awareness building, shared resources and policy changes.  Last month, PHNEE’s […]

GPHC Turns 50

On June 1, Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. threw a block party to celebrate 50 years since the Registered Neighborhood Organization adopted its current name. The party, in front of GPHC’s headquarters at 2823 Fairfax St., included food, beer, wine and soft drinks, face painting and other activities. A video featuring the stories of several […]

Summer of Soccer

Multiple Opportunities To Soak Up The Beautiful Game  Story and photos By Reid Neureiter  For the GPHN One might call the months of June and July the summer of soccer, as the sport dominates the airwaves with major international soccer tournaments being played around the world, and our own Colorado Rapids making a recent surge […]

Building A Colorado With Options For All

We Must Bridge The Economic Gap  The version of America promised to those who live here tells of a future rife with opportunity. Most people want many of the same things: the ability to afford the basics, to save for college and to retire with dignity.  As our country has grown, we have failed to […]

Juneteenth In Denver

In addition to Pride, the weekend of June 15-16 was devoted to Denver’s Juneteenth Festival, held every year in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood west of Park Hill. Juneteenth highlights the day in 1865, when black residents of Galveston, Texas, finally learned that the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed, marking the end of slavery. It also […]

Looking For A Few Good Storytellers

Park Hill Library Turning 100 In A Big Way By Tara Bannon Williamson Park Hill Librarian The Park Hill Branch Library turns 100 in 2020. As part of year-long festivities, the library wants to help our neighbors and friends share the stories that make us who we are as the Greater Park Hill community.  One […]

This Is How Park Hill’s Garden Walk Grows

Thanks To Everyone Who Dug In This Year By Jean Ercolani Garden Walk Organizer This is a big, heartfelt thank you message to all the people who helped make the June 23 Park Hill Garden Walk a success.  The event would not happen year after year without the support of the entire Park Hill community. […]

Pet of the Month: All Aboard

Ronald is 12 and has painful arthritis and diabetes. But thanks to the ingenuity of his mom Ann Lincoln, the Pomeranian stills enjoy his daily constitutionals, riding in his customized Arthritis Express in style and comfort. Lincoln and Ronald live in what many South Park Hillians know as the Halloween House, on 18th and Clermont. […]

Summer In Full Bloom

Times For Parties, Parades, Fresh Food Stands We are still riding the high from GPHC’s amazing 50th anniversary party on June 1. So many of you came out to celebrate with us and we are so grateful. The weather was beautiful, the beer was cold, the pizza was hot, and the vibes were all good. […]

‘Tick’ing Time Bomb

Watch Your Back, And Fido’s Too Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi), Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Powassan Virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, tick paralysis, and Tularemia. Yikes, what are all these? They are all tick-borne diseases that can affect animals and potentially people.  We used to be very lucky in Colorado and Denver that ticks were not a […]

2019 Garden Walk

Danielle Young gardening with her kids, as well as a niece and nephew, playing in the pool in the background. Young’s garden is one of seven featured in this year’s Park Hill Garden Walk, on Sunday, June 23. Check out pages 14 and 15 for all the information you need to see some of the […]

Brown v. Board Of Education: Landmark Court Case At 65 Years

Studies Show Students Benefit From Tolerance and Cross-Cultural Understanding, Yet Denver Schools More Segregated Than Ever  By Laura Lefkowits, For the GPHN Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring the doctrine of “separate but equal” unconstitutional, turns 65 this year. Denver’s own desegregation case, Keyes v. School District No. 1, […]

Time To Party! Time To Parade!

This year marks some important milestones in Park Hill, and the neighborhood is gearing up to do it up right this summer. Park Hill Parade Turns 10 The 10th Annual Park Hill 4th of July Parade kicks off at 1:30 p.m. on Independence Day. As it does every year, the parade route stretches along 23rd […]

Denver Election 2019: Just Vote, Again

Hancock and Giellis Face Off For Mayor On June 4, Other Critical Races Include Clerk & Recorder By Cara DeGette, Editor, GPHN Rinse and repeat. Last month’s citywide election was decisive in several ways. Incumbent City Councilman Chris Herndon, who represents District 8, fended off five challengers to win a third, and final term in […]

Talk of the Neighborhood

Compiled by Cara DeGette, Editor, GPHN The following is a synopsis of what was discussed during the May 2 Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. monthly meeting. The next community meeting is Thursday, June 6, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at 2823 Fairfax St. It is free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome. Note: there […]

Is It Spring, Yet?

In Colorado, spotting a Robin is springtime signified, accompanied by bursts of color and blue skies and sun and rain and that delicious feeling that summer – and all its promises – lie just beyond. This spring in Colorado has been a challenge, to be sure, with snow and cold punching right through May. Just […]

Letters to the Editor

Help Save The Hut In a time when much of Denver’s political discussion focuses around how development is changing the character of our neighborhoods, a group of community members is hoping to save one of the oldest homes in Park Hill from the wrecking ball.  1980 Albion St., the first home to be constructed along […]

Living And Breathing The Document

East High’s Constitutional Law Team Wins National Championship By Reid Neureiter, For the GPHN When one thinks of dynasties, a few come to mind: John Wooden’s UCLA Bruin Basketball team. The Pittsburg Steelers of the 1970s. The Ming.  To that pantheon should be added the Denver East High School Constitutional Law program, which has won […]