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A Force To Be Reckoned With

Park Hill Neighbors for Equity in Education Forms To Tackle The Big Issues If, on the morning of Jan. 27, you didn’t make your way to McAuliffe to participate in the community meeting organized by Park Hill Neighbors for Equity in Education, you missed something big. This was by far the most positive discussion on […]

‘There Is No Deal’

City Shelves Fairfax Land Swap, Cites Lack Of Public Process By Cara DeGette Editor, GPHN Denver Parks and Recreation Director Happy Haynes has announced her department has backed away from supporting a controversial land swap between the city and a private developer for a pocket park on Fairfax Street. The proposed deal, which was crafted […]

Barnstorming Over Park Hill

Barnstorming, in which pilots performed loop-the-loops and acrobatic stunts like the one shown here, gained popularity during the Roaring 20s.  During the post-World War I era, flying circuses were all the rage after thousands of surplus biplanes (called Jennys) were sold at bargain prices to private owners, helping to awaken America to civil aviation. Charles […]

Seven Months In Sanctuary

Araceli Velasquez  Continues Her Fight Against Deportation Araceli Velasquez came to the United States in 2010 when she was 19 years old. She fled her home country of El Salvador out of fear for her life amidst gang violence and political unrest. In June of that year, 14 people were murdered on public buses in […]

Taking The Red-Eye

Spotted Towhees look like large sparrows with thick, pointed beaks, short necks and round chunky bodies. They can live up to 11 years. Spotted Towhees can often be seen hopping around in the underbrush; this female was photographed in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico by Park Hill resident Mark Silverstein.

Letters to the Editor

Par for the Course Nearly every day I drive down 23rd Street or 26th. I cry or cry out as I see the devastation of the fenced-in City Park Golf Course. The lovely trees now on their side, chopped down. The geese had to move out of the way for men with their giant Tonka […]

23rd and Dexter by Jack Farrar

SirKirven SirKirven – yes, that is his name – is a very soft-spoken, polite young man. He has lived in Park Hill his whole life, and attended Stedman Elementary and Smiley Junior High. He is now a senior at East High School. He hopes to go to a college where he can learn art therapy, […]

Community Announcements

Éirinn Go Brách Irish and honorary Irish Coloradans are invited to celebrate the wearing o’ the green in downtown Denver at the largest St. Paddy’s Day Parade west of the Mississippi. This year St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday, March 17, meaning the parade falls on the same day Irish descendants around the world celebrate […]

18 Degrees And … Rugby!

The Denver East High Rugby Club started its season with the Denver East Invitational tournament on Saturday Feb. 10, with shortened matches against Northside Rugby Club and Legend High School rugby. East’s A-side overcame 18-degree temperatures and a raging snowstorm to prevail in both games. East’s Rugby Club is a five-time state champion, last winning […]

Going For Gold

Tracey MacDermott, board chair of Greater Park Hill Community, Inc., received a Neighborhood Star Award for 2017. Awarded annually by the Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, the gold star honors community leaders who are making a difference in their communities. The 24-member board of GPHC nominated her, and she was honored at an awards dinner on Jan. 31. […]

No Snow, No Olympics

Climate Change A Critical Part Of The Conversation Gov. John Hickenlooper and MayorMichael B. Hancock are seemingly in hot pursuit of bringing the Winter Olympics to Colorado. There is certainly heated debate about this issue, as there was in 1972 when Denver backed out of the 1976 games. Regardless how each of us may feel […]

When Even Simple Things Get Complicated

Hyper-Polarized Politics Continues To Rock Center Stage As the legislature moved into its first full month of activity this session, even the simple things are becoming complicated. As we have discussed previously, the Joint Budget Committee (“JBC”) is the six-member committee of lawmakers who are responsible for drafting the state’s budget for consideration by the […]

Climbing The East Wall

Forget About The Alps. Extreme Skiing Is An Hour From Park Hill Story and Photos By Reid Neureiter Special to the GPHN Many Park Hill skiers regularly visit the groomed runs of the mega-resorts of the Front Range. But they may secretly pine for the heroic terrain seen on the late Warren Miller’s ski films: […]

Talk of the Neighborhood

Compiled by Cara DeGette, Editor, GPHN The following is a synopsis of what was discussed during the Feb. 1 Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. monthly meeting. The next community meeting is Thursday, March. 1, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at 2823 Fairfax St. The April meeting will be Thursday, April 5 beginning at 6:30. The meetings […]

Support Democracy: Read This Article

Championing Access, Literacy And The Fourth Estate By Tara Bannon Williamson Park Hill Librarian As I sat and listened at the venerable Denver Press Club on the evening of Feb. 8, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and pride for our community paper. Democracy depends on informed and engaged citizens. This is the first (among many) […]

What Is Your Vision?

March 10 Forum To Explore Future Of The Park Hill Golf Course By Woody Garnsey Special to the GPHN Are you concerned about the open space future of the 155-acre Park Hill Golf Course land? If so, plan to participate in the community informational forum on Saturday, March 10 starting at 1 p.m. at the […]

Help From Our Friends

Many Thanks To Our Generous Neighbors; Here’s What We Need To Keep The Pantry Stocked By Sierra Fleenor Executive Director, GPHC, Inc. It’s hard to believe spring is just around the corner. We’re already starting to plan our Garden in a Box program and other outdoor activities for the spring, summer, and fall. We can’t […]

Make Time For The Nose-To-Tail

Prevention Is The Best Medicine Against Disease Life is a constant juggle and time seems to move really fast – except when you are waiting your turn at the DMV. But somewhere in that fast pace, take time to make time for preventive care for not only yourself, but your pets. The proper definition of […]

Hoops Rivalry

Season Promises Renewed Sparks Between Patriots and Angels Story and photos by Reid Neureiter Special to the GPHN The boys basketball teams of East and George Washington high schools have a long and historic rivalry. Denver East has nine Colorado state basketball titles, the latest coming in 2014 when the Angels were led by two-time […]

Talk of the Neighborhood

Compiled by Cara DeGette, Editor, GPHN The following is a synopsis of what was discussed during the Jan. 4 Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. monthly meeting.  Fairfax Pocket Park Update Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. board member Kevin Wiegand provided an update on progress related to a pocket park for the former Xcel Energy substation […]

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Before renowned urban planner John Prosser died in November, he described his pain at witnessing the decimation of Denver’s tree canopies – the “lungs of our city in the semi-desert ecosystem.” He decried the city’s practice of “clear-cut logging” at Hentzell Park, Globeville Landing Park, City Park Golf Course, and next, at […]

Birdland: A Welcome Sight

Red-winged Blackbirds are one of the earliest birds to migrate back to cold-weather climates in the springtime. Males are a distinctive all-black, with bright red shoulders and yellow wing bars (the Cornell Lab of Ornithology notes they can puff up or hide them “depending on how confident they feel.”) The females are more subdued-looking, with […]

Stepping On The Gas

Transportation, Housing, PERA In Play Under The Dome Here we go again. As the second session of the 71st Colorado General Assembly began on Jan. 10, speculation over what would be among the key issues of the session ended. Typically the speeches of legislative leadership and the Governor highlight the parties’ respective agendas for the […]

The Best Line Of Defense Against Blistering Heat

Keeping Our Cool With Green Roofs And Park Breezes In November, Denver voters passed the Green Roof Initiative by a vote of 54.3 percent to 45.7 percent. The initiative – a citizen led effort – requires that new buildings over 25, 000 sq. ft. dedicate a percentage of their roof to green, vegetative space. The […]

Community Announcements

Fairfax Park Meeting Feb. 22 Denver Parks & Recreation is holding a community meeting on Feb. 22 to discuss plans for the future park on Fairfax Street between 28th and 29th avenues. The proposed park has been considered for the former Xcel substation on the west side of the street, as well as on the […]

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