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Bee Careful Campaign

We hope you will join us in making Park Hill a great home for bees and other pollinators. Here are some simple ways you can make a difference in the neighborhood:

Tip 1: An easy way to protect pollinators like bees is to reduce your use of pesticides in general. Specifically, neonicotinoid has devastated bee populations. Sign our pledge to reduce your use of pesticides and fertilizers and we’ll send you a cheat sheet on how to reduce each without sacrificing your beautiful garden!

Tip 2: Plant flowering plants in your garden and landscaping to incent bees and other pollinators to come to your garden and pollinate your plants for a more productive and beautiful garden. This is one of the most fun, easiest, and most beautiful ways to help support bees and other pollinators!

Tip 3: Have you ever seen a swarm of bees? Did you know that they’re not actually dangerous and that this is how bees create new colonies? Don’t spray swarms of bees you may see! Instead, call 1-844-SPY-BEES and a local beekeeper will come capture the swarm and find it a new home.

Tip 4: Try beekeeping! It’s fun and relatively simple. You’ll notice better production from your garden and you’ll even get some honey to sweeten the deal. Lots of local urban farming centers teach beekeeping classes, including our friends at Vine Street Farms.

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