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GPHC joined the Sustainable Neighborhood program with the City and County of Denver on August 2, 2017. The City and County announced that we reached Outstanding Sustainable Neighborhood status in record-breaking time on November 2, 2017. Don’t worry, though, we’ve only just begun!

We are continuing to plan a variety of events and workshops to increase sustainability in our neighborhood and we’d love to have you join us! If you’d like to keep up to date on our efforts and find ways to participate, please join our sustainability email list by visiting:

Take the Pledge to Guerrilla Garden and Clean Up Your Alley

A couple times a year, GPHC encourages neighbors to take a pledge to help clean up areas near their homes. This is our effort to not only beautify our neighborhood, but also to support the health of our streams and streets.

We also know how busy schedules can be and how challenging it can be to make something happen on a specific day. That’s why we’re asking you to get out and garden and clean up on or before November 3rd.

Sign our pledge here.

We will email a checklist of items we suggest completing for the clean up in early October.

Attend Upcoming Events

Sunday, September 23, 11:00am-5:00pm – Sustainability Zone at the Park Hill Street Fair – Join GPHC & our sustainability partners to learn about the many ways you can reduce your ecological footprint!

Tuesday, October 9, 6:00-7:30pm – Winterize Your Garden Workshop – Join us for tips and tricks to prepare your garden for winter weather.

Sign our Pledge to Reduce Dangerous Runoff

Fertilizers and pesticides are destroying our water tables locally and globally. Fertilizer runoff is rich in nitrogen and pours from our lawns and gardens into the street, the river, and eventually, the ocean. Large swaths of the ocean are no longer hospitable to fish because of algae blooms which feed off fertilizers and deplete oxygen. Beyond their detrimental impact globally, many fertilizers can end up increasing the wrong nutrients in your soil.

Help us reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides in our neighborhood by singing our pledge! We will follow up with one email (if you’d like) that will include tips and tricks for reducing your use of these chemicals without sacrificing your production or the beauty of your garden! Complete the Google Form below (or at this link) to make your pledge!


Plan and Submit Your Own Events!


The purpose of this program is to increase sustainability initiatives in neighborhoods throughout Denver. We hope you will consider planning your own event or submitting an existing event for consideration for credits! To make that process even easier, we have created a cheat sheet for our neighborhood.. Feel free to review this document and let us know how we can support you in pulling off your event.

If you want to know what we already have planned, check out our  Calendar of Events Planned and Completed. If you would like your event added to this list, please email:


Develop Goals

We will be working to develop some goals to help us increase sustainability in our neighborhood. If you are interested in helping us create and measure those goals, please be in touch with our office by calling 303-388-0918 or emailing


How Are We Doing?

To see how many credits we’ve earned so far and to see what events we have proposed and completed, please visit our page on the Sustainable Neighborhoods website.

Feel free to be in touch to let us know what other programs you would like to see take place! You can call us at 303-388-0918 or email


Prior Sustainability Events:

Some of our prior Sustainability programs have included:


  • Our Helping Hands Directory is a program we are starting to pair those who have experience gardening or just some helpful hands to loan with novice gardeners. If you’re interested, please complete this form and we’ll be in touch.



  • Storm Water Forums and Workshops – We plan to host community meetings to increase knowledge and awareness around storm water issues in 2017. In 2016, we hosted to community meetings concerning storm water in the city as well as several smaller conversations with community, staff and students from CU Boulder due to neighbor interest. We will be using the amazing work produced by the students to help inform our storm water efforts and to serve as reproducible models to all our neighbors.


Calling all Community Gardeners!

We are working on creating a network of gardens throughout Greater Park Hill. Do you already participate in one? Is there vacant land or a patch of space that could be used for gardening? We are hoping to encourage citizens to build gardens in our community and to consider donating a small portion of your vegetables to the Food Pantry and Free Farm Stand at GPHC so that our neighbors in need have access to fresh produce. These gardens can be an example throughout the city of utilizing space which provides fresh produce, greens our environment and is an example of community collaboration. We are interested in your ideas surrounding this and are also looking for community members who might be interested in facilitating this initiative. If you are interested in helping facilitate this program, please contact If you have a community garden or plot you would like to include, please complete our form at this link or below:



Support GPHC & Our Programs

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