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Park Hill Character: Tribute To Peter

Veteran Children’s Center Teacher Lives On In Memory By Lynn Kalinauskas Education Chair, GPHC Peter McInerney, the badass of Jones Pass. The children loved him on earth, and then he was called because he was needed in heaven.   – Cheryl Lange McLaughlin Peter McInerney, a 37-year veteran teacher at the Children’s Center at Park […]

March For Our Lives

Students and supporters rallied in March in Park Hill, throughout the nation and around the globe to protest gun violence and support stricter gun laws. Above, the crowds were massive in downtown Denver on March 24. Ten days earlier, Park Hill students joined in solidarity with peers around the country, marking the 30 days following […]

Fix For The Flood-Prone

Upper Montclair Basin Forum Set For April 10 By Nora Neureiter Special to the GPHN A 15-month study of flood-prone areas in the Upper Montclair Basin will culminate with a public meeting to discuss the study’s findings and next steps. The public forum is Tuesday, April 10 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Montview […]

Birdland: Wild And Graceful

Red-tails are the most common hawk in North America, and can be spotted sailing over fields, in woods, and gazing down from roadside poles. Red-tail Hawks can often be recognized by their telltale red tails. However juveniles, like this one, don’t have red tails until they are about a year old. They can also be […]

Letters to the Editor

Park or Plaza? We Need Both The “Park Hill Commons” development will include 22 micro-apartments, 21 three-bedroom townhomes, 8,500 square feet of restaurant space, 6,200 square feet of “microretail” units, and 10,000 square feet of office space. All of this, plus 96 parking spaces, will be slotted into the east side of the block between […]

Talking To Strangers

Story and photos by Cara DeGette Editor, GPHC      Most Sunday mornings, a few Park Hill families from a third grade class at Park Hill Elementary build about 150 PB&J sandwiches, assemble bags of provisions, and head downtown. They hand the supplies out to people experiencing hunger and homelessness. The enterprise takes just a couple […]

Community Announcements

One Big Dog Walk The 25th annual Dumb Friends League Furry Scurry is Saturday, May 5 at Washington Park. The two-mile walk benefits pets and horses at the Dumb Friends League. It begins at 9 a.m. and lasts until noon. Check out for registration and details. P3s: What They Mean To You On Tuesday, […]

Cyclists Of Change

Local Climate Action Forum Yields Big Plans In early March, a Climate Action Forum was held at the Greater Park Hill office. The event was hosted by the Sustainable Neighborhood program and facilitated by Accelerate Neighborhood Climate Action. Approximately 25 engaged citizens attended. The forum started off with everyone identifying what we do in our […]

Will He Or Won’t He?

Lawmakers Expel Lebsock and PERA Compromise Debated. Big Talk Turns To Hickenlooper And His Aspirations For Higher Office On March 2 Coloradans witnessed something they had not seen in 103 years. By a vote of 52-9 (with 4 absent), state Rep. Steve Lebsock was expelled from the Colorado House of Representatives. History has been repeated […]

Earth Month: Love Your Mother

Celebrate Earth With Cooking, Decluttering, Rain Gardening   By Sierra Fleenor Affordable, Sustainable Cooking Workshops Greater Park Hill Community, in conjunction with the groups We Don’t Waste and Walk2Connect, will sponsor a series of affordable, Inc. sustainable cooking strategies and tricks every Monday in April. The sessions start 6:30 p.m. at 2823 Fairfax St. Everyone […]

Islamic Center Turns Focus To ‘Real’ Affordable Housing

Hope Is To Build 50-60 units At Albion and Bruce Randolph By Sierra Fleenor Executive Director, GPHC, Inc. A lot at the corner of Bruce Randolph Avenue and Albion Street in northeast Park Hill may soon find new life. The former Park Hill Orthodox Presbyterian Church and its lot are now for sale. Imam Abdur-Rahim […]

23rd and Dexter: Charlie Jacobs

Charlie Jacobs is a neighbor of mine. He lives just down the block with his mother, Nicole, his father, Ben, and his brother, Jack. Nicole is a nurse. Ben is co-owner of Tocabe Restaurants (if you haven’t been there, go). Charlie, 3, and Jack, 1, are unemployed. I recently asked Charlie to write down the […]

The Road To Gold

Olympian Janet Redwine Inspires Troop 3573 Story and photo by Kristin Coulter Girl Scout Troop 3573 Members of Park Hill Girl Scout Troop 3573 are working on their Gold Award, which is the highest individual honor a Girl Scout can earn. So the troop members decided to learn from someone who knows about high achievement: […]

Keeping TABs On Teens

Unified Neighborhood Includes Young People by Tracy Canada Hanson Special to the GPHN Libraries are safe spaces for teens to meet up and connect with one another. Many libraries host Teen Advisory Boards (TABs) – teen groups that meet to give their opinions and provide input for the library, plan programs, organize and pursue community […]

Racing Through City Park

The Colorado bicycle road racing season kicked off March 4 at City Park, with the University of Denver Cycling Team hosting the annual DU Criterium series of races. The racers completed a three-quarter mile roughly triangular course on the west side of the park, past the large fountain and around the MLK, Jr. Memorial statue. […]

Garden Walk 2018: Spring Has Arrived!

18th Annual Park Hill Garden Walk Set For June 24 By Jean Ercolani Marketing Chair, Park Hill Garden Walk Signs of spring are popping up all around– a great reminder that the 2018 Park Hill Garden Walk is less than two months away. On June 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. homeowners throughout Park […]

April Is Earth Month

Giving Thanks To Our Mother, And Everyone Else By Sierra Fleenor Executive Director, GPHC, Inc. Forget about Earth Day. Here at GPHC we’ve declared April to be Earth Month. (You don’t have to actually forget about Earth Day.) What Earth Month means to us is that we’ll be hosting sustainability-focused events and cooking classes, sharing […]

It’s Real. It’s Dangerous.

With Heartworm, ‘Tis Far Better To Prevent Than To Treat “My old veterinarian never made me get a test or have my pet take heartworm preventative.” “My old doc says that there’s not heartworm in Colorado.” Those are comments that we frequently hear from some of our owners. And, I can tell you it’s frustrating […]

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Park Hill Neighbors for Equity in Education Forms To Tackle The Big Issues If, on the morning of Jan. 27, you didn’t make your way to McAuliffe to participate in the community meeting organized by Park Hill Neighbors for Equity in Education, you missed something big. This was by far the most positive discussion on […]

‘There Is No Deal’

City Shelves Fairfax Land Swap, Cites Lack Of Public Process By Cara DeGette Editor, GPHN Denver Parks and Recreation Director Happy Haynes has announced her department has backed away from supporting a controversial land swap between the city and a private developer for a pocket park on Fairfax Street. The proposed deal, which was crafted […]

Barnstorming Over Park Hill

Barnstorming, in which pilots performed loop-the-loops and acrobatic stunts like the one shown here, gained popularity during the Roaring 20s.  During the post-World War I era, flying circuses were all the rage after thousands of surplus biplanes (called Jennys) were sold at bargain prices to private owners, helping to awaken America to civil aviation. Charles […]

Seven Months In Sanctuary

Araceli Velasquez  Continues Her Fight Against Deportation Araceli Velasquez came to the United States in 2010 when she was 19 years old. She fled her home country of El Salvador out of fear for her life amidst gang violence and political unrest. In June of that year, 14 people were murdered on public buses in […]

Taking The Red-Eye

Spotted Towhees look like large sparrows with thick, pointed beaks, short necks and round chunky bodies. They can live up to 11 years. Spotted Towhees can often be seen hopping around in the underbrush; this female was photographed in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico by Park Hill resident Mark Silverstein.

Letters to the Editor

Par for the Course Nearly every day I drive down 23rd Street or 26th. I cry or cry out as I see the devastation of the fenced-in City Park Golf Course. The lovely trees now on their side, chopped down. The geese had to move out of the way for men with their giant Tonka […]

23rd and Dexter by Jack Farrar

SirKirven SirKirven – yes, that is his name – is a very soft-spoken, polite young man. He has lived in Park Hill his whole life, and attended Stedman Elementary and Smiley Junior High. He is now a senior at East High School. He hopes to go to a college where he can learn art therapy, […]

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