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  1. David Spahr
    February 7, 2016 @ 10:14 am

    Good morning,

    Having lived in PH for 25 years I love the GPHC News. Except for the understandable NIMBY slant typically found in its pages the reporting has been well rounded.

    Your article about the zoning issues at 20th and Glencoe troubles me, specifically this sentence:

    “At that time, they inquired as to whether the south adjacent lot could be split, and they were informed that it could not. This information helped to inform their decision to buy the home, knowing they would they would enjoy open space and daylight on the south side of their home.”

    One of three things happened:

    1. The neighbors asked the wrong question about a lot split possibility.
    2. The City representative who could have answered the right question was not involved.
    3. The neighbors are sad that this once ADAMS Family looking house is being rehabilitated.

    Your statement indicts all of the above due to the lack of clarity, a major requirement of reliable reporting.

    I hope you will clarify the details required to feel empathy for these poor neighbors of mine.


    David Spahr

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