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Stories That Bind Us

Prediction: No Shortage Of News In The Year Ahead

At their best, newspapers balance controversial subjects via news and opinions, with feature pieces, photography, and the more lighthearted news of community that our neighbors have come to rely on.

Park Hill is fortunate to have a population that includes high-profile political activists, social justice advocates, and community leaders. Our neighbors run the gamut, from the intelligent to the creative to the curmudgeonly. And our newspaper often reflects that.

Over the past year, we have covered a multitude of ongoing issues that are critical to the neighborhood – from the complex maneuvering by the city and developers over the Park Hill Golf Course land, to the city’s draft East Area Plan, to the actions leading up to an historic November school board election that put educators and parents in the drivers’ seat.

Lynn Kalinauskas has provided important, award winning coverage of Denver Public Schools and education issues that readers can’t find anywhere else.  We have been lucky to have her thoughtful commentary. Ditto for Erin Pier, whose monthly commentaries about equity in education have been tremendous. 

We have been equally lucky to be able to collectively live vicariously through the camera lens of Park Hill resident Reid Neureiter. Reid’s award-winning photography, often accompanied with compelling stories, vary dramatically in subject matter – from the high mountain ski slopes to high school sports, from boxing matches to fields of giant sunflowers.

This year marks Mark Silverstein’s sixth as a contributor for his wildly popular (and also award-winning) Page 3 Birdland photo feature. Mark has recently branched out to macrophotography, specializing in the mysterious and surprisingly beautiful world of insects and spiders. Beginning last month, we added Bugland as a regular photo feature; it appears on the same page as the At the Library column.

Which brings us to Leslie Williams and Tara Bannon Williamson. These two power librarians (at the Pauline Robinson and Park Hill branches, respectively) contribute the monthly At the Library column.

Other regular and occasional contributors have provided important updates, information, and photography.

A short list of writers and photographers who have contributed their considerable skills and talents over the past year include Penfield Tate III, Dr. Margot Vahrenwald, Lana Cordes, Tracey MacDermott, Mark Kuhl, Jean Ercolani, Rebecca Zimmerman, Jessica Howard, Lisa Culhane, state Sen. Angela Williams, Gary Martyn, Jack Farrar, Woody Garnsey, Brenda Morrison, Jeffrey Roberts, Nancy Watzman, Kathryn Charles, Lynn Bartels, Adam Uribes, Kristin Coulter, Andrew Lefkowits  . . .  the list goes on.

We will have our collective hands full in the year ahead, tackling news and feature stories detailing those issues of ongoing and of critical importance to our neighborhood – as well as plain interesting characters doing interesting things.

If you are interested in writing a news or feature story, opinion piece or photo – or just passing along a tip or announcement, please contact me at

Last month, we published a list of all of the businesses who advertised in the newspaper in 2019. That list appears on our website as well. The next time you patronize one of these businesses, please let them know you appreciate their advertising choice – it means the world to us.

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