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Compiled by Cara DeGette, Editor, GPHN

The following is a synopsis of recent news and updates in Park Hill. Many items impacting the neighborhood are discussed during monthly community meetings at the GPHC, Inc. office, at 2823 Fairfax St. The next meeting is Thursday, Nov. 7, beginning at 6:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome. 

Crosswalk Ahead 

The city has agreed to install an interim crosswalk at 23rd and Kearney to help improve pedestrian safety in Park Hill. 

GPHC, Inc. Executive Director Lana Cordes announced in October that the city traffic engineer has signed off on the work, which will include yellow pedestrian warning signs and a crosswalk across 23rd on the west side (where ADA-compliant ramps are already present).

“This treatment will remind drivers to yield to pedestrians per the law,” Cordes said. “It also allows crossing guards to be present during busy school times, should DPS choose to implement. 

“This interim solution should be installed soon – from a few weeks up to a few months, depending on weather and other factors.”

GPHC has been advocating for a solution at this intersection for some time. A broader, permanent solution has also been approved and will include additional crosswalks, sidewalk, median nose, and flashing beacons. It will hopefully be completed in 2021.

Lock And Club Your Cars

During the September monthly meeting, Denver Police Department Community Resource Officer Heidi Lewis highlighted a problematic trend in neighborhood crime in recent months. 

Specifically, in Park Hill there has been an uptick in theft of motor vehicles (19 in August alone) and theft from motor vehicles (21 reports the same month). 

Lewis reminded people to always lock their cars. Also, do not leave valuables in cars, especially in plain sight. While you’re at it, make sure your garage is locked. And when your car is parked on the street, do not leave your garage door opener in your car, especially in plain view. 

To help curb the stolen car trend, Lewis said the DPD has a few car club locks that she’s happy to spread around the neighborhood. The clubs are anti-theft devices that lock onto to steering wheels. If you are interested, stop by District 2 headquarters at 3921 Holly Street, and ask for Officer Lewis. 

Also, winter is nearly upon us, which means puffer season is nearly upon us. That’s cop lingo for when people leave their car running unattended as they warm it up before they leave the house – only to discover they have instead warmed their car up for a car thief. Lewis advised people to avoid the temptation of being a puffer. 

Moms Demanding Action

Also at the September GPHC meeting, Misty Glover of the advocacy group Moms Demand Action provided some sobering statistics.  

• 1,500 American children ages 0-17 are killed with guns every year. That’s an average of four every day.

• 78 percent of shooters under age 18 got the guns from their home or from relatives.

• 13 million households with children contain at least one gun. One recent study found the majority of children know where the guns are stored in their homes.

• Every year in the U.S., 380,000 guns are stolen from private owners. One-quarter of those are stolen from cars.

• Most people who attempt suicide do not die unless they use a gun. 85 percent of suicide attempts with a gun result in death – a much higher fatality rate than any other means of self-harm.

Moms Demand Action is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence. 

“We believe it’s always the adult’s responsibility to prevent unauthorized access to guns – not a curious child’s responsibility to avoid guns,” Glover said.

She identified several ways to step up gun safety at home. When your kid is going over to a new friend’s house, talk to their parent or caregiver. Ask them if they have firearms, and if so, where and how are they stored. Glover says her husband and several family members are gun owners, and guns are a normal part of the conversation. They should be.

Check out for extensive resources on gun safety and violence, and upcoming local events.

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