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It’s Turkey Time, Y’all

So Many Reasons To Be Grateful

Left to right: McAuliffe students Justin Badral, Joaquin Ortega and Liam Spencer, doing cleanup in the garden at 2823 Fairfax St.

In 2013, Greater Park Hill  Community, Inc. held its first official Thanksgiving Giveaway. Before then, we informally supported families, and for 27 years we ran a Christmas Basket Giveaway that stopped in 1992 due to a lack of volunteers.

Our Thanksgiving Giveaway is now an integral part of our services. This occasion provides our neighbors with opportunities to volunteer, donate, and receive food, according to their needs and capacity. It is our goal to ensure as many families as possible enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, provided by their neighbors and GPHC.

Left to right: McAuliffe students Aaliyah Richardson, Graycen Malinzak, Wyatt Siegel, Theodore Neuman and Juniper Koelliker, volunteering in the GPHC food pantry.

We are now working on our 7th annual Thanksgiving Giveaway, providing meal boxes that contain everything needed to feed a household on Thanksgiving – vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, rolls, pies, and yes, a turkey. Last year we distributed 346 boxes, providing 1,283 people with meal to share and celebrate.

As of this writing we don’t yet know the exact need for how many boxes we’ll need to distribute this year. But we are fairly certain it will meet or exceed last year’s number. The more we have, the more we can serve.

This is where you come in.

We are in need of monetary donations, food donations, and volunteers. Visit There you will find the form for how to give, our list of needed supplies, the hours and days we are in need of volunteers, and all other details.

Left to right: McAuliffe students Alice Pearson, Laurel Coffman and Kate Snodgrass.

Thank you to the donors and volunteers who give their time, talent, and treasure. We are grateful to be part of a community that comes together to care for those who need it most.

Recent Donors

Christine Allen

Alexis Anderten

Klinten Andreas

Kathleen Andrews

Kathie  Athenes

Nancy Barrett

James Blanas

Kathryn Blanas

Sarah Booth

File photos from past Thanksgivings at GPHC, Inc. by Cara DeGette.

Henry Bootz

Jon Bowman

Kealey Boyd

Matthew Bradford

Colleen Burgess

Matt Cecere

Mavis  Clarke

Jean & Charlie  Curlee

Michelle Dabdoub

Melissa Davis

Judy Ann De Tar

Nancy Downs

Elizabeth Drummond

Jack Farrar

Jeanette Fedele

Margie Feinberg

Sierra Fleenor

A  Fuller

Martha Funk

Jean Gall

Jacqueline Gamby

Alison Gilliland

Josh Goodman

Lynn Green

Molly Haberberger

Bob Homiak

Ryan Hoskins

Lynn  Kalinauskas

Karen Kogel

Marcia Lamb

Megan Landry

Elisabeth Lawrence

Sharon Little

Ann Lockhart

Terri Lucero

Manzanares Family

Andrew Marsh

Kazia Mishkin

Jennifer Moss

Harriett Mullaney

Bree Neeley

Hilary OByrne

David  Phillips

Tammie Phillips

Mindy  Roberts

Doug Schuler

Jennifer Seward

Elvin Smith

Kelly Smith

Sean Smith

Elizabeth Spohn

Ruth Steiner

Blair Taylor

Martha Urioste

Flo Wagner

Jane Wainwright

Kristen Whealon

Tara Bannon Williamson

Colleen & Randy

Donor Organizations

AARP #995

Blessed Sacrament

Cure D’Ars Catholic Church

Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being

Messiah Community Church

Montview Blvd Presbyterian Church

Park Hill United Church of Christ

Park Hill United Methodist Church

St. Thomas Episcopal

Recent Volunteers

Janey Alpert

Barbara Cavender

Millie Drumwright

Jack Farrar

Claudia Fields

Harold Fields

Tas Frashure

Maria Goodwin

Noni Horwitz

Erika Hutyra

Megan  Jamison

Debra Lovell

Chuck Nelson

Jasper Mueller

Mia Peterson

Mike Quigley

Peggy Roberts

Deb Rosenbaum

Mary Salsich

Tammi Scroggins

Heather Shulman

Shane Sutherland

Sue Weinstein

McAuliffe Students

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