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Dreaming Of Turkeys And All Trimmings

Thank You To A Remarkable List Of Helpers

With the holidays just around the corner (I know, I know, hold your horses!) I am feeling impending gratitude – as well as the appreciation still on my mind from last month. Specifically, thank you to all who came out and enjoyed September’s 41st Annual Home Tour and Street Fair. Aside from a closing-time downpour, we had beautiful weather, great energy, and a successful fundraising event. Thank you to the planning committee, homeowners, sponsors, vendors, performers, and attendees alike.

A group of 8th graders from McAuliffe Middle School began volunteering at the GPHC headquarters on Fairfax Street in September. The students plan to return to the Registered Neighborhood Organization office every month to pitch in as needed. Photo by Lana Cordes

I’d also like to thank the wonderful group of McAuliffe 8th-graders who spent a couple hours in September happily organizing the greenhouse, cleaning up the front and back sidewalks/patios, working in the garden, and organizing and cleaning in the office. 

The student volunteers included Charlie Tartar, Aynslee Reed, Sophia Shiroff, George Johnson, Joe Lord, Diego Martinez, Alek Kalajdzic, Natty Haile, Jacob Smithburger, Easter Im and Mario Orozco.

Speaking of volunteers, we are starting to prepare for our November Thanksgiving food box giveaway. We’ll be providing full Thanksgiving meals, turkey and all, to more than 300 families in Park Hill, and are in full swing collection and recruitment mode. 

We’ll need lots of volunteers at various days and times, with opportunities for all ages. We’ll also need a cornucopia of food and/or grocery store gift card donations to make it happen. Please visit for all the details and to sign up.

Our annual meeting takes place this year on Thursday, Oct. 3 starting at 6 p.m. on the rooftop event area at Carla Madison Recreation Center at the corner of Colfax and Josephine. 

Dinner is provided and the program includes a keynote presentation on Community & Conversation. The annual meeting also includes board elections, volunteer recognition, and the presentation of this year’s prestigious Babbs Award to honor a neighbor whose contributions to Park Hill have been exemplary. For more details and to RSVP,  check out The October annual meeting takes the place of our monthly community and board meeting. All are invited and encouraged to attend.

Thank you to the following donors and volunteers who give their time, talent, and treasure. We are grateful to be part of a community that comes together to care for those who need it most. 

Lana Cordes is the executive director of Greater Park Hill Community, Inc.


Peter Adams

Barbara Allen

James Aubrey

Margo Azar

Stephen Bishop

William Braden

Todd Bragdon

Zana Brown

Alexis Carrington-Ford

Stephanie Ceccato

Barbara Charnes

Peg Clover Stipek

Jan Daily

Diane Deschanel

John Desmond

Jeanette Fedele

Michelle Ferguson

Heather Fitzgerald

Patrick Foley

Patrick Foley

David Gauthier

Alison Gilliland

Kathleen Gomez

Josh Goodman

Gretchen Hammer

Kathleen Hannan

Duke Hartman

Todd Hopkins

Susan House

Carolyn Howard

Adam Huff

Mark Imhoff

Thomas Johnson

Brian Johnson

Will Johnson

Susan Jorgenson

Robb Kolstad

Karen Kudebeh

Edward Lapine

Troy Lerner

Tony Livaudais

Deborah MacNair

Anais  Mares

Roberta Marks

Carol Mcdermott

Sheila Mcmullen

Linda Nestor

Ruth Norman

Dennis Pearl

Mia Peterson

Betsy Post

Becky Richardson

Sandra Robnett

Karin Schumacher

Susie Seawell

Ellen Selig

Jacqui Shumway

Charles Silverman

Theresa Smith

Elizabeth Spohn

Gerald Sullivan

T. Shane Sutherland

Karen Urwin

Gloria Valdez

Robert Vance

Harold Weber

Laura Wegscheid

Stefanie Winfield

Polly Wirtz

Dean Woodward

Tom Wordinger

Donor Organizations

AARP #995 Queen City

Blessed Sacrament

Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation

Cure D’Ars Catholic Church

Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being

Dank Dispensary 

Denver Urban Gardens

Messiah Lutheran Church

Montview Blvd Presbyterian Church

Park Hill United Congregational Church

Park Hill United Methodist Church

Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center Pc

St. Thomas Episcopal


Roger Adams

Janey Alpert

Amy Anderson

Barbara Armendariz

Jaime Arruda

Tom Ashbaugh

Douglas Blankenship

Jessica Boots

Jon Bowman

Matthew Bradford

Thomas Brashear

Sally Brashear

Jeremy Brashear

Fletcher Brown

Sue Bruner

Lance Burkholder

Catherine Byrne

Roz Cantrell

Colette Carey

Barbara Cavender

Stephanie Ceccato

Mary Lou Clark

Colleen Costello

Kristin Coulter

Veronica D’Annibale

Camille Davis

Celine Davis

Greg Davis

Melissa Davis

Nicole Delmoro

Alec Delmoro

Haleigh Delmoro

Evan Delmoro

George Dennis

Beverly Dennis

Stephanie Densen

Millie Drumwright

Mike Estrada

Ashley Faller

Ryen Farley

Reed Farley

Steve Farley

Jack Farrar

Anthony Fedele

Jeanette Fedele

Claudia Fields

Harold Fields

Jeremy Fisher

Tas Frashure

Susan Gelbart

Robert Germain

Dan Goe

Maria Goodwin

James Groves

Kate Hakala

Lisa Halstead

Duncan Halstead

Kelly Hastman

Dick Hayes

Nilmini Hecox

Namanand Henderson

Mike Heringslack

Adrienne Hill

Kat Holm

Jim Hoops

Sarah Hopkins

Todd Hopkins

Renee Hopkins

Noni Horwitz

Jessica Howard

Jody Hunnicutt

Ryan Hunter

Erika Hutyra

Bette Jamieson

Jean Johnson

Marcia Johnson

Wendy Kaeuper

Steve Kaeuper

Peter Kaufman

Helina Kaufman

Bernadette Kelly

Patrice Kennedy

Kevin Kennedy

Lara Kleinhelter

Mark Kuhl

Steve Laporta

Kathy Leedom

Mike Liebman

Roberta Locke

Lauren Long

Debra Lovell

Ben Lusz

Lynn Maedel

Jeff Maen

Rob Mathes

Jen Mathes

Jenn McCain

Fred Merten

Wendy Miner

June Monson

Chuck Nelson

Allison Nuanes

Emirlan Nurlanov

Carol ODwyer

Justin Petaccio

Mia Peterson

Louis Plachowski

Daniel Powell

Linda Redstone

Paul Redstone

Hannah Riviere-Platt

Mike Quigley

Peggy Roberts

Rebecca Rogers

Deb Rosenbaum

Joel Russman

Mary Salsich

Doris Sanders

Richard Sanford

Tammi Scroggins

Heather Shulman

Jacqui Shumway

Shane Sutherland

Rebecca Thomas

Ann Torgerson

Dirk Turner

Tracey Wehbey

Sue Weinstein

Mary Ann Welch

Sarah Werner

Nikki Wiederaenders

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