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It’s Kuhl to Recycle: Options For Electronics

Do Not Send Them To The Landfill

By Mark Kuhl

For the GPHN

Electronics are not allowed to be disposed of in landfills. There are many organizations that will recycle them, usually for a fee. Unfortunately there’s no one-stop shop for all electronics but here are some options:

1. First off, the annual Park Hill Street Fair on Sunday, Sept. 8 will include a free drop-off E-Recycling station for people to recycle their old electronics.  The Street Fair is on the Forest Street Parkway between Montview and 19th, and the hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2. Go to to obtain an E-cycle coupon for deep discounts on recycling many electronics. You must bring them to BlueStar Recyclers at 953 Decatur St.

3. Many electronic retail stores like Office Depot and Best Buy have electronics recycling programs. Staples appears to have the most affordable program (seven small items per day for free).

4. Denver will take large appliances for free with help from their partner EcoProjex.  Go to to sign up.

5. Most electronics recyclers take rechargeable batteries but few take single-use alkaline batteries. The only option we’re aware of for single-use batteries is to include them with your once annual (or your friend or neighbor’s) Household Hazardous Waste collection.  Go to to sign up for a $15 fee.

6. The Denver Household Hazardous Waste program also takes fluorescent light bulbs, one TV, a complete computer system, and car batteries.

7. Home Depot and Lowes take fluorescent bulbs and rechargeable batteries used for power tools.

8. Free electronics recycling events – like the Sept. 8 Park Hill Street Fair E-Recycling station – are randomly scheduled around town by various organizations. These programs are generally announced in the newspaper and on social media.

Note: Check out handy tips for recycling household items every month in these pages. Mark Kuhl has been a Park Hill resident and environmental advocate since 2002.

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