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Megan Davis

Megan Davis, barista extraordinaire at Spinelli’s Bakery, grew up in southwest Florida, earned an art degree at Gulf Coast University, and taught printmaking in middle school. She moved to Denver about a year ago and is happy she did so. “I love working here. People actually talk to each other. They even talk to strangers!” 

Davis is a huge fan of fantasy fiction. In fact, she has written a novel in that genre, titled Far from Victory. “I’d call it a surrealist fantasy. I was part of an art show in Florida that was based on dreams. Someone suggested I write a book about it, so I did.” 

When asked to name a fictional character she would most like to meet, Davis did not hesitate. “I’ve read Lord of the Rings four times and my favorite character is Samwise Gamgee. He would do anything it takes to help his friends. He’s not an adventurous spirit, but he does show courage when necessary. I would ask him where he found that courage.” Davis felt that the Lord of the Rings movie series was well done, although she was disappointed that the character of Tom, important early in the book, was not included in the cinema version. 

One of Davis’s favorite regulars at Spinelli’s is a fluffy tabby named Wingnut. “He sneaks in occasionally, but we make sure he doesn’t hang around. Health code, you know.” 

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