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Thanksgiving Was A Blast; Dec. 4 Around The Corner

By Amelia Eckles and Sierra Fleenor

GPHC, Inc.

  It’s hard to believe that we’ve completed our Thanksgiving Giveaway for 2018. Together with our donors and volunteers, GPHC distributed 346 complete Thanksgiving meals to our neighbors, families in need in Greater Park Hill.

Our Giveaway takes a monumental amount of work and it’s a joy to coordinate. Your donations, your volunteerism, and your care have meant the world to us as we’ve been pulling double shifts, answering phone calls, and serving people in our community who need support.

We’d like to recognize and thank our regular volunteers for our food programs who have done double, or even triple duty, to make sure the Giveaway was successful.

All of our Thanksgiving volunteers have been exceptional. They’ve counted, and recounted, cans of yams, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, and so on. They’ve hauled frozen turkeys and assembled meals and called clients and picked up boxes. Our volunteers made this event possible and their enthusiasm and sense of humor made the whole month outrageously fun.

We have also been delighted by the generosity of our donors. From those who ran out to buy turkeys to those who donated cases of broth and yams to those who made financial contributions so that we could manage the number of turkeys on site, each and every donor has made not only the Thanksgiving Giveaway, but also our Weekend Food Program and Emergency Food Pantry successful. We’d like to thank Brie Cosgriff, Amy Makurimidze, and Jon Moore for organizing food drives to benefit our Thanksgiving program.

Of course, the folks at REALGiving, including Jay “Top Turkey” Epperson, are always key to our Thanksgiving success, providing us with dozens of turkeys each year. We know how lucky we are to have amazing donors like you. We’d like to especially thank the amazing folks at DANK Dispensary, including Dan Glenn, who donated $1,000 to help us purchase turkeys.

The heart of our program is our clients: The families, seniors, and individuals who we have the privilege of serving. To see the impact of our hard work, the joy on our clients’ faces, the gratitude of those we serve—that’s why we do this work.

We know you’ve been generous; we know that you’ve made this holiday so special for so many of our neighbors. And, we hate to do it, but we’re going to request that you dig a little deeper into you pockets, as you are willing and able.

Another special day is coming up; Dec. 4 is the statewide giving campaign called Colorado Gives Day. Nonprofits throughout Colorado are asking their donors and supporters to schedule a donation on Dec. 4 through the Colorado Gives Day website. These donations are part of an incentive program. Last year we raised more than $5,195. If we exceed that number this year, we could receive an additional $5,000 donation from First Bank.

You can use our site on Colorado Gives Day – at coloradogives. org/GreaterParkHillCommunity – to donate to our Weekend Food Program, the Food Bank, or even to renew your GPHC membership. Your tax-exempt donations help us purchase food that our clients lack regular access to including meat, bread, and dairy products, as well as allowing us to make infrastructural improvements that our 50-year-old pantry desperately needs.



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