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‘The Chance Of A Lifetime’

Aubrea Argueta Delivers The News

Story and photo by Cara DeGette

Editor, GPHN

Aubrea Argueta was born in Denver but didn’t move to Park Hill until about a year and a half ago. At first, she says, she wasn’t really happy about having to change schools. But then she realized that her new one – Westerly Creek – is bigger and better than her old school.

Her new neighborhood is also much better than her old neighborhood in south Denver, where there really wasn’t much to do. “In Park Hill there are so many things to do, I could never, ever get bored,” she says. “You can just walk around the corner and there are literally millions of things to do – Cake Crumbs, Spinelli’s Market, those are just two.”

Argueta has learned another bonus that comes with transferring to a new school: you can keep your old friends while leaving behind people who were mean. And you have a fresh chance to make a whole lot of new friends. At age 9, Argueta has already come to embrace opportunity.

“A lot of kids don’t really want to try new things, but I think you should try new opportunities,” she says. “If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to keep doing it, but at least you’ve tried it.”

Aubrea Argueta and her friend Audrey Brown operate an occasional hot cocoa stand in the winter. Photo by Cara DeGette

Argueta has her hands full with a new baby sister, Everly, and her dogs Ruby and Roamin, and trying to keep her room clean. Still, when she was presented the opportunity to be a blockworker and deliver the Greater Park Hill News each month, her answer was an enthusiastic “yes.”

Argueta has a blast delivering the newspapers, usually on her bike. She is a big fan of the Greater Park Hill News and enjoys reading it far, far more than any of the other newspapers out there. “I want everyone in Park Hill to get the newspaper,” she says.

“It’s really fun and easy. You go to each house and you don’t have to knock on the doors – you just leave the newspaper on the porch. In some ways, it’s really the chance of a lifetime. Because honestly, not every kid gets to deliver the paper.”

Delivering also lets her soak in some fresh air, Arugeta notes. Like many kids these days, she says, she has a tendency toward laziness and hanging around inside. Unlike many kids, though, she isn’t all that interested in staring at a screen all day long. “I like reading actual books,” she says. And boy, does she read: Argueta estimates she spends three hours a day absorbed in the world of fiction. She also loves her dance classes (ballet, tap and hip-hop), is excited about picking up gymnastics, and would like to try her feet at skateboarding. She wouldn’t mind trying her hand at being a newspaper reporter.

“I’m a very talkative and enthusiastic person, and that’s what a news reporter has to do,” she says. “Also, a reporter has to remember a lot of stuff, and I am good at that too.”

Aubrea Argueta is one of hundreds of blockworkers who deliver the Greater Park Hill News every month.Click here for a list of your neighbors who served as blockworkers last year and information about how you can sign up.

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