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Park Hill Primer- A Guide To Local Schools

By Lynn Kalinauskas

GPHC Education Chair

The first day of school – at least for Denver Public Schools – is Monday, Aug, 20. Living in Park Hill, your children have access to a large number of public schools within and just outside the neighborhood, as well as one private K-8 school.

Traditional public elementary schools typically have boundaries. If you live within that boundary, you can automatically enroll your child in that school.

Families are not limited to neighborhood schools, however. Park Hill residents can attend almost any school within the Denver Public Schools district by using the “choice” system. This allows them to attend a school outside of their designated boundary. Attendance at a desired school is not guaranteed, however, but depends on the availability of spots within each school.

If you have “choiced” out of a neighborhood school, you cannot automatically enroll back into that school. You must go through the Denver Public Schools’ choice process. For more information on the process, visit

Magnet and charter schools operate differently. To find out about their enrollment policies, contact the schools directly or the DPS choice office. The main email for DPS is

The following are the names, contacts, and basic information for the many schools in Park Hill:


Elementary Schools

Ashley Elementary (ECE – Grade 5)

1914 Syracuse St. 80220

Tel: 720-424-9748

Traditional school

Principal: Zachary Rahn

Hallett Academy (ECE – Grade 5)

2950 Jasmine St. 80207

Tel: 720-424-6070

Traditional school

Principal: Dominique Jefferson

Park Hill Elementary (ECE – Grade 5)

5050 E. 19th Ave. 80220

Tel: 720-424-4910

Traditional school

Principal: Ken Burdette

Stedman Elementary (ECE – Grade 5)

2940 Dexter St. 80207

Tel: 720-424-3800

Traditional school

Principal: Greta Martinez

Smith Elementary School
(ECE – Grade 5)

3590 Jasmine St. 80207

Tel: 720-424-4000

Traditional school

Principal: Emily El Moudaffar

Westerly Creek Elementary (K-5)

8800 E. 28th Ave. 80238

Tel: 720-424-3160

Traditional school

Principal: Jill Corcoran

Odyssey School of Denver (K-8)

6550 E. 21st Ave. 80207


Charter school

Principal: Marnie Moody-Cooke

Roots Elementary (K – Grade 4)

3350 Hudson St. 80207


Charter school

Principal: Kathryn Martinez

Middle Schools

The middle school scene is a bit more complicated to navigate because Park Hill does not have a neighborhood middle school. Instead, it shares an “enrollment zone” with Stapleton, the neighborhood east of Park Hill. Both neighborhoods’ students are guaranteed a spot at one of five middle schools within the zone, but not necessarily their preferred school. Only one school, McAuliffe, is located in Park Hill. The others – Bill Roberts, Denver Discovery School, and two DSST schools – are in the Stapleton neighborhood just east of Park Hill.

Denver School of the Arts is a magnet school.

Innovation schools are managed by DPS but, through an innovation plan, have opted out of certain district requirements.

Williams (Bill) Roberts (ECE – Grade 8)

2100 Akron Way 80238

Tel: 720-424-2640

Traditional school

Principal: Patricia Lea

Denver Discovery School  (Grades 6-8)

3480 Syracuse St. 80238

Tel: 720-424-4790

Innovation school

Principal: Pam Kirk

Denver School of the Arts (Grades 8-12)

7111 Montview Blvd. 80220

Tel: 720-424-1700

Magnet school

Principal: William Kohut

Denver School of Science and Technology, Conservatory Green Middle School

8499 Stoll Place 80216

Tel: 303-802-4120

Charter school

Principal: John Clark

Denver School of Science and Technology, Stapleton

2000 Valentia St. 80238

Tel: 303-802-4220

Charter school

Principal: Dan Sullivan

McAuliffe International School (Grades 6-8)

2540 Holly St. 80207

Tel: 720-424-1540

Innovation school

Principal: Kurt Dennis

High Schools

The majority of Park Hill residents live within the East High School boundary. Those living east of Monaco Avenue fall within the Northfield High School boundary.

Denver School of the Arts

(see above)

East High School (Grades 9-12)

1600 City Park Esplanade 80206

Tel: 720-423-8300

Traditional school

Principal: John Youngquist

Northfield High School (Grades 9-12)

5500 Central Park Blvd. 80238

Tel: 720-423-8000

Innovation school

Principal: Amy Bringedahl

Private School

Blessed Sacrament Catholic School (ECE-8)

Blessed Sacrament Catholic School first opened in 1922, with 57 students enrolled. The school currently enrolls more than 375 students, with two classrooms each for grades K-5, and one classroom for each grade level 6, 7 and 8.  The registration process for the following school year typically begins in November of the current year. Tuition and scholarship information is available at the school’s website.

1958 Elm St.  80207

Tel: 303-377-8835

Principal: Carla Dire Capstick

Lynn Kalinauskas is chair of the education committee for Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. Additional research for this primer was provided by GPHN intern Adam Uribes.

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