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Dog Days of Summer

It’s no secret that Park Hillians love their dogs. And everyone thinks theirs is the best dog in Park Hill. Here’s a few of them.

Laura Carlson and Paco and Dexter Paco is small in stature and big in confidence. Dexter is Paco’s shy, pleasant, counterpart. Dog-walker Laura Carlson calls them the sweetest dogs on her routine.

Evan Vessels and Bridge Says Evan Vessels of his Miniature Australian/Rat Terrier mix, Bridge: “He is unreasonably cute and people tend to agree about that.”

Doug Tweed and Maddie Maddie is a three-year old Golden Retriever. On the other end of her leash is Doug Tweed. “I love her; she is my mental health, my exercise, my life partner,” Tweed says.

Denise Mendoza and Chiqis Chiqis is a tiny Chihuahua, small enough to fit into a large handbag. But Denise Mendoza confirms that as a guard dog, Chiqis definitely holds her own.

Chloe Richman and Cooper Cooper is a five-month-old Labradoodle. Chloe Richman (at right, shown with Ally Sutterer) says he’s the best dog in Park Hill, “because he is sweet, he is soft, he follows me wherever I go, he does whatever I do and it’s fun to be with him.”

Interviews and photos by GPHN Intern Adam Uribes, shown here with Robin, his three-year old Doberman/German Shepard mix.

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