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A Spectacular Independence Day

Some 800 marchers wowed the crowds lined along 23rd Avenue between Dexter and Krameria streets for Park Hill’s 9th annual blowout 4th of July Parade. Founder and Organizer Justin Bresler ballparked the crowd estimate in the thousands. Looky-loos were treated to floats, cyclists, buses, golf carts and classic cars. There were picnics and lemonade stands. There were superheroes, divas, fairies, gorillas and martial arts experts. Politicos marched and did the wave. Captain America, always a crowd-pleaser, roared through on his motorcycle. Book lovers, pet lovers, Hari Krishna lovers, bicycle lovers, brass band lovers, and overall freedom lovers added to the flair. Check out the GPHN Facebook page for more photos from the day, as well as a short video that captured a wicked karate kickdown of a plank of wood. Additional photos, as well as a list of sponsors that helped make it all happen, can also be seen at Photos by Adam Uribes and Cara DeGette

Check out the GPHN Facebook page for more photos from the day, as well as a short video that captured a wicked karate kickdown of a plank of wood.

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