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Summer In Full Swing

Monday Farm Stand, 4th Of July, Thanks To All

By Sierra Fleenor

Executive Director, GPHC, Inc.

Summer is in full swing here at Greater Park Hill Community. The farm stand has already attracted dozens of visitors on Mondays, the garden is producing, and the Park Hill Garden Walk was a delight. If you were there, you know how inspiring all the gardens were. Don’t worry, though, the fun has just begun.

Join us on the 4th of July for the 10th annual Park Hill parade down 23rd Avenue (see details on page 1). Each year thousands of neighbors participate, watch, and enjoy one another’s company. We hope we will see you in the crowd this year.

As always, we’d like to thank our volunteers who have spent hours and hours of time helping us with our food programs. Our food pantry volunteers sort thousands of cans that we receive in donations and have been wonderful supports and ambassadors for our clients.

I’d especially like to thank our weekend food program volunteers who spent numerous hours during the academic year building and delivering bags of food to schoolchildren. They have made a huge difference in the lives of more than 270 children and their families this past year. Thanks also to our partners and parent volunteers at Park Hill Elementary, Roots Elementary, Smith Elementary and the Vickers Boys and Girls Club.

Of course, you wouldn’t be holding this paper in your hands if it weren’t for our newspaper volunteers. Thank you to those of you who bundle and deliver the paper every month. Your efforts help us keep our community connected and informed.

A big thank you also goes to our donors who have given both in-kind and financial donations to our programs. This month I’d especially like to thank Kelvin Taylor, who helped divert more than 2,000 pounds of sugar from going to waste. We’ll be handing out sugar at our farm stand for the next few weeks thanks to Kelvin!

Thanks also to those who donated funds from their proceeds from our 6th annual Community Yard Sale in May. The funds will help support the Weekend Food Program, and the families that are helped. Finally, thanks to our members who support our programs, and also provide critical financial support for all things GPHC.

What we need: Soup, soap, shampoo

Our free farm stand has started up again and you can join us every Monday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., through the end of October. We set up out front of GPHC’s office at 2823 Fairfax St. (unless there’s rain, then we move inside).

We welcome you to bring items from your garden, pick up some items for your family, or both. Over the last few years, this weekly event has grown from a few tables into a celebration of garden bounty and sharing, so join us and meet some of your neighbors while snagging something fresh and fun to eat.

Each month we publish a wish list of items for our food pantry. At the moment, our food pantry needs cans of peaches, mixed fruit, pears and any other variety of canned fruit. We always run low on canned meats, including tuna, Vienna sausages, and spam. Our clients have also requested white rice, dehydrated mashed potatoes, hearty soups, pasta and rice sides, black eyed peas, cup o’ soup, and ramen. We always accept donations of fresh or frozen meat, dairy, bread, vegetables, and fruit. We cannot distribute expired items, so please check your items before making a donation.

We also distribute hygiene products and we currently need travel and full-size lotion, soap, deodorant, sunblock, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mouthwash. Clients have requested Tide pods, laundry detergent (in smaller containers), and dish soap. Finally, we are in need of baby wipes and diapers in sizes 1 and 6 only, please.

We accept food donations at GPHC’s office (2823 Fairfax St.) Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. We also accept donations of non-perishable items at the Park Hill Branch Library and Cake Crumbs during their regular business hours.

We always accept financial donations for our food programs, as well as the other programs we offer. If you’d interested in learning more, visit our website at or call our office at 303-388-0918.


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