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Letters to the Editor

Par for the Course

Nearly every day

I drive down 23rd Street

or 26th. I cry or cry out

as I see the devastation

of the fenced-in City Park

Golf Course. The lovely

trees now on their side,

chopped down. The

geese had to move out

of the way for men with

their giant Tonka Toys.

Digging here. Piling up

there. Scattering the

sawdust remains.

Sally Ortiz, Park Hill

Tribute To An Outstanding Woman

The January feature story “Matriarch of Elm Street” was an excellent and well-deserved tribute to an outstanding woman! I am proud to call Ophelia Mejia my friend and former neighbor. Thanks to Jack Farrar for writing the article, and Park Hill News for publishing it, along with family pictures.

Nancy Zook, Denver

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