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23rd and Dexter by Jack Farrar


SirKirven – yes, that is his name – is a very soft-spoken, polite young man. He has lived in Park Hill his whole life, and attended Stedman Elementary and Smiley Junior High. He is now a senior at East High School. He hopes to go to a college where he can learn art therapy, probably at Metro. When I asked him to write down who he would like to be sitting next to, he doesn’t hesitate. Jesus. Why Jesus? “He’s tight,” answers SirKirven. “I look up to him.” What question would he ask Jesus? “I would have so many questions. I guess I would ask him, ‘How do I find the courage to do everyday things, to get through the day.’ ” SirKirven says this almost wearily, way too weary for his age. He is inspired by the Bible. “I’ve read all of the New Testament. My favorite book is Psalms.” If he could change one thing in the world what would it be? “I would do something about poverty. There’s a lot to do about poverty, but somehow we won’t do it.”

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