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The Mayor Says ‘Yes’

Bond Measures Would Help Zoo, Museums, Transit, Colfax

By Michael B. Hancock

Special to the GPHN

Michael Hancock is the mayor of Denver. He is pictured here with city Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman, after his State of the City speech this summer at Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center in Park Hill. Photo by Cara DeGette

It’s no secret we live in one of the greatest cities in America. Our economy is booming, our neighborhoods are vibrant and we have the Rocky Mountains on our doorstep.

To keep pace with the growth and opportunity we’re seeing, I hope you’ll join me and vote yes on measures 2A through 2G on Nov. 7.

The measures were created with more community input than any bond in our history. Denver residents provided more than 4,000 suggestions, ideas and comments, and City Council voted unanimously to support the 460 individual projects that would benefit Park Hill and other neighborhoods across the city.

The best part is, we can do all of this and keep your tax rates the same. And Denver voters can rest assured that the city has taken steps to avoid cost overruns.

Park Hill residents would benefit from the measures. If approved by voters, funds from the bond measures would go toward maintaining and repairing Denver’s infrastructure. A major focus of the bond measures would see improved transportation and mobility around the city, and that means less time sitting in traffic.

A rapid transit bus service along East Colfax would ultimately service an estimated 50,000 riders per year, and save travelers up to 15 minutes on their commute. The measures would fund the planning, design and construction of this new bus service, including exclusive bus lanes to speed up the ride, new passenger stops, and related traffic and roadway improvements.

Another $20 million is slated to provide Colfax with new medians, curb extensions, enhanced crosswalks at key intersections including the strip from Colorado Boulevard to Quebec Street. This would contribute to the overall pedestrian safety of corridor while strengthening economic vitality along Denver’s storied and historic main street.

At the Denver Zoo in City Park, the old animal hospital will be replaced to ensure the care for the zoo’s animals. 2A thru 2G would also provide funding for needed improvements to the Northern Shores exhibit – home to polar bears and sea lions.

At the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, also in City Park, critical infrastructure improvements will keep the 109-year-old museum functioning and accessible for all Denver residents.

To keep our arts and cultural scene as vibrant as any other, the Denver Art Museum, Red Rocks amphitheater, the Denver Performing Arts Complex and the Denver Botanic Gardens would see funding that would keep these treasured institutions strong for years to come.

Please join with me and help get projects – like East Colfax, the zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science – moving in the right direction.

Vote yes on Measures 2A thru 2G. We need them all, and to do it, Denver needs your support.

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