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Spilling the Beans: They Call Her Judy ‘Bungalow’ Wolfe

40 Years: 450 Homes Sold 

By Cara DeGette

Editor, GPHC

Like any realtor worth her salt, Judy Wolfe knows better than to rattle the skeletons in the closets she’s been showing for 40 years. But, decades of selling homes in Park Hill – some of them multiple times – makes for some good stories.

Fourteen years ago, Wolfe’s son, Jay Epperson, moved back to Denver with his family. He and his mom teamed up. Now, they sell together, like the house that Wolfe sold a bunch of years ago, which two renovations later Epperson sold to someone else. And they reminisce together, like about the house that belonged to an Epperson’s best friend from junior high, where he spent a good time partying during his formative years. When his mom sold the home for the empty nesters a generation later, Epperson recalls walking in and thinking, “Wow, the basement sure hasn’t changed very much.”

One thing that has changed, and not in a good way, Epperson says, is people thinking it’s OK to distinguish between “south Park Hill” and “north Park Hill.”

“There is only one Park Hill,” he says.

Their partnership has benefits, and downsides. For example, Epperson was able to learn the trade from the master, he says – one of the most experienced brokers in the neighborhood. On the flipside, well, just say that as business partners they see each other, and talk to each other, every single day. They are also mother and son. That is bound to create some moments.

Wolfe recently sat down to reminisce on decades of changes in the neighborhood, and on some of the work she’s done.

GPHN: How many homes have you sold in Park Hill over 40 years? How many of them are repeat sales over the years? Which Park Hill home have you sold the most? 

Judy Wolfe: I have sold just at 450 homes in Park Hill, with 59 of those being sold more than once. I do not know which home I have sold the most.

GPHN: What are three of your favorite Park Hill homes? Why you like them so much?

Judy Wolfe: I don’t really have one favorite home, however, my favorite style is the Bungalow. I used to advertise myself as Judy “Bungalow” Wolfe. I love the large front porches and natural wood elements that are present in most Bungalow-style homes.

GPHN: You’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of change in Park Hill over 40 years selling real estate. With that in mind, what is the best change you’ve observed in the neighborhood? Are there any changes that you wish hadn’t happened? 

Judy Wolfe: I have lived in the neighborhood since 1972 and have experienced many changes. The best change was the closing of Stapleton Airport – the noise from airplanes was unbelievable. I do think that gentrification has lessened the diversity in Park Hill, and has also lessened community involvement.

GPHN: What is the funnest thing about working with your son in the business? What is the most challenging? 

Judy Wolfe: Jay and I are both better talkers than listeners. We frequently “talk” over each other, which is both funny and challenging. It is always a kick to see the reaction people have when they find out we are a mother/son team.

GPHN: In your mind, what makes Park Hill the best neighborhood in Denver?

Judy Wolfe: The people who live here. Of all the city center neighborhoods, I think Park Hill has the most diverse mix of housing styles, which makes it a fun neighborhood to sell. It is a welcoming and interesting neighborhood that is never dull. I love that the neighborhood shopping areas have taken off, and that I can walk to eat out, get groceries, and ice cream as well as walk to City Park, the library, the cleaners …

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