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By Aron Snyder, Health Policy Coordinator at the Stapleton Foundation’s be well Health and Wellness Initiative

We should all be able to get the care we need to stay healthy. Decisions about our health are too important to be left to others. By becoming more informed about the changes being discussed and getting involved in efforts to spread the word about healthcare reform, you can take part in making sure healthcare works for you and your family.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and be well challenge you to participate in the be well Moves Campaign
The be well Moves Campaign is a fun way to get Denver residents to increase their level of physical activity while enjoying their everyday activities. With the support of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, this healthy living movement aims to address the health challenges that lead to chronic disease and illnesses by challenging participants to walk at least 2000 steps per day and to increase their movement by 2000 steps every four weeks.

The campaign began on November 18, 2011 and runs through November 30, 2012. However, registration is still open to anyone who wants to participate and all participants will receive a pedometer (while supplies last) to track their steps. To register, visit or call 303-468-3232. Registration forms will also be available at any be well event or activity in the be well zone.

Family and friends can join together to track their steps as a team and have the option of adding Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to their team. After signing up, participants will have access to special discounts from area businesses and incentives to stay active. The be well Moves Campaign uses the honor system. No submissions are required but participants must track their own steps.

be well Heart Health Screenings
The be well Block Captain program offers free heart health screenings and treatment to help reduce the risk of heart disease and chronic illnesses. Screenings are held on a monthly basis at grocery stores, churches, senior centers, apartment buildings and community rooms throughout the be well zone. Anyone attending the screenings can get their blood pressure, height, weight, glucose and cholesterol levels checked. The Block Captains can also connect participants to free treatment services and an ongoing place to receive medical care if necessary. For more information or to become a be well Block Captain, contact Frank Lucero at 303-468-3226.

be well Grants
be well is offering small grants up to $500 to residents who organize unique activities, programs, forums and/or events that create awareness and engage others in conversations about healthcare access prevention and reform. Participating groups or individuals will be provided the opportunity to establish projects and be well will directly pay all of the costs up to $500. Examples of projects are community forums, house meetings, door-to-door campaigns, school projects and others that you think will help get keep people informed and engaged in healthcare reform. For more information, contact Alisha Brown at 303-468-3222.

Your Health Hub is a monthly column provided by the be well Health and Wellness initiative of the Stapleton Foundation intended to provide Park Hill residents with detailed information on what is happening in health in the Park Hill neighborhood.

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