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Park Hill Character: Matriarch Of Elm Street

Ophelia Mejia: Educator, Innovator, Mom By Jack Farrar The gene pool of Ophelia Mejia, who has lived in Park Hill for 56 years, runs wide and deep. She is one of 11 siblings (six of whom are still alive). She bore 13 children. Most of her children went to Blessed Sacrament in Park Hill; all […]

GPHN Exclusive: 7 Questions For Melissa Hart

Colorado’s Newest Supreme On Law, Liberty And The Movies By Cara DeGette Editor, GPHN The second time was the charm for Melissa Hart, a Park Hill resident, East High grad, and Colorado’s newest Supreme Court Justice. In December, Gov. John Hickenlooper appointed Hart to the high court. Hickenlooper, who also calls Park Hill home, picked […]

2018: The Year To Engage

As we head into 2018 I hope each of you have had time over the last year to spend with loved ones. That you started a new hobby, accomplished your goals – and stepped out into our beautiful state and this spectacular neighborhood. Here at Greater Park Hill Community we accomplished so many things in […]

Birdland: Bird Of Peace

Throughout history and among many cultures, doves have symbolized love, gentleness of spirit, and loyalty. Doves became a symbol for peace activists after World War II, popularized by the artist Pablo Picasso. Doves belong to the Columbidae family, which also includes pigeons. They mate for life and are excellent navigators, making them capable of delivering […]

Setting The Stage For Dysfunction

Upcoming Legislative Session Likely To Be A Wild Ride The legislative session begins Jan. 10 and the stage has been set with a range of recent, surreal political events. I cannot recall the beginning of a session more defined by the upheaval and dissonance in the system and society at large. The venomous and dysfunctional […]

Opinion: Efforts Underway For Equity In Education

Strengthening Neighborhood Event Is Jan. 27 By Laura Lefkowits Special to the GPHN Over the past six months, I have served on the Denver Public Schools’ “Strengthening Neighborhoods Initiative.” As I wrote in these pages in August, the initiative established a citywide committee charged with making recommendations to the board that will “drive greater socio-economic […]

Community Announcements

Beekeeping 101 Have you been thinking about starting a hive of your own but don’t know where to start? On Tuesday, Jan. 9 join Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. and long-time beekeeper Colin Mann to learn some basic information about beekeeping. This event is from 6 to 8 p.m. at 2823 Fairfax St. and is […]

Commentary: Time To Confront An Ugly Past

Movement To Rename Stapleton Relevant To Park Hill By Jacqueline St. Joan and Genevieve Swift Special to the GPHN East of Park Hill there is a movement to rename Stapleton. That movement is relevant to Park Hill as well. Many people know that Stapleton Airport was named to honor Denver’s Mayor Ben Stapleton (who held […]

Letters to the Editor

Thoughts Turn To 2019 It’s a new year and time to begin thinking about the 2019 Denver municipal election. In 2015, District 8 Councilman Chris Herndon ran unopposed. So even if you voted you had no choice, and no role in the outcome. For the democratic process to be effective, we need both participation by […]

Growing Up A Bibliophile

Park Hill Bookstore: Only 47 Years Old By Sierra Fleenor Executive Director, GPHC On a warm December morning, three volunteer leaders of the Park Hill Community Bookstore invited me to join them for a conversation about the origins of the bookstore, what’s happening now, and what lies ahead. We sat in the middle of the […]

Tracks In Winter

Stalwart Cyclists Unite To Clear The Mind, Get Some Exercise, Keep Warm And Stay Upright Story and Photos by Reid Neureiter Special to the GPHN When the temperature drops and snow appears on Mount Evans, many Park Hillians trade their bicycle helmets and padded bike shorts for ski bibs and goggles, putting away their bicycles […]

Thank you Blockworkers

We are thankful and grateful to the following blockworker volunteers for delivering the Greater Park Hill News to the doorsteps of their neighbors in 2017. Without their volunteer service, the neighborhood distribution of our publication would not be possible. The Greater Park Hill News is unique in that it relies on volunteers in the community […]

Bundles Of Thanks

The Greater Park Hill News utilizes a unique delivery system that includes nearly 400 volunteers who assist with the distribution of our publication. It is truly a community effort. We are grateful for the help of all our volunteers and take pride knowing we live in such a tight-knit community that rallies around the community […]

Out Of The Classroom, Into The Boardroom

Meet New DPS District 3 Representative Carrie Olson Following the November elections, Park Hill now has two new directors who represent the neighborhood on the Denver Public Schools Board of Education. Carrie Olson represents District 3, which includes all areas south of Montview Boulevard. Jennifer Bacon represents District 4, which includes all areas north of […]

Logophiles Unite

The Best (And Worst) Words Of 2017 By Tara Bannon Williamson Librarian, Park Hill Branch If you are a logophile, a lover of words, you already know that the 2017 words of the year were announced in December. There are several words of the year, as many institutions and organizations declare their choice of the […]

Off To A Great Start

Thanks To Donors, Members, Volunteers By Sierra Fleenor Executive Director, GPHC, Inc. A new year brings with it new energy here at GPHC. We are getting ready to bring our well laid plans to fruition and hopefully, to bring GPHC into this century technologically speaking. We’re investigating better ways of collecting and analyzing data, creating […]

New Year, Better Pet Care

Resolutions For Four-Legged Friends “My dog ate something and is choking.” “My cat’s breathing really strange.” “Can you tell me why my dog has been limping for the past four months and now his leg has a really strange, painful swelling that is getting bigger, but I don’t want to pay for a doctor to […]

GPHC Opposes Land Swap

Board Wants City To Stick To Original Promise Of A Pocket Park At The Old Xcel Substation On Fairfax   By Cara DeGette Editor, GPHC The board of Greater Park Hill Community has voted to oppose a proposed land swap that would hand a developer a parcel of land that was slated to become a […]

Everything Old Is New Again

Mom-Daughters Trio Back On The Pie Beat At Oblio’s By Cara DeGette Editor, GPHN In May, 2016, the Greater Park Hill News published a story recognizing a milestone of one of the neighborhood’s institutions: The 20th year of Oblio’s Pizzeria. Many oldtimers expressed their congratulations, and shared their favorite memories about the pizza joint on […]

A Wild Ride

Big Money Loses In Park Hill School Board Races A Wild Ride Big Money Loses In Park Hill School Board Races More than $1.6 million was spent to elect four directors to the Denver Public Schools Board of Education. The politicization of these unpaid positions brought in big money, some from out of state, along […]

As the Restaurants Turn

A Gastronomical Park Hill Year in Review By Cara DeGette GPHN Editor There’ve been ups and downs, twists and turns, intrigue and expectation, dashed hopes, reclaimed dreams, and, in one case, the threat of boycott. And so marks the end of another year in the restaurant business, Park Hill style. The following is a synopsis […]

50 Years Of Good Eating In The ‘Hood

Food Pantry An Oasis In A Food Desert by Sierra Fleenor GPHC began as Park Hill Action Committee (PHAC) in 1956. In 1969, we united with Northeast Park Hill Civic Association to become what we now call Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. We were founded with the goal of integrating our neighborhood and providing a united […]

Birdland: The Owl In Winter

The Great Horned Owl is the quintessential owl of storybooks. They are large and thick-bodied, with two prominent tufts on their heads. They are nocturnal, though can sometimes be seen early in the morning, or at dusk sitting on tree limbs, flying across open fields, or peering out from their nests. Their call is a […]

Talk of the Neighborhood

Compiled by Cara DeGette, Editor, GPHN The following is a synopsis of what was discussed during the Nov. 2 Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. monthly meeting. The next community meeting is Thursday, Jan. 4, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at 2823 Fairfax St. The meetings are free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome. East […]

Prepare For The Ghost Of Politics Future

Election 2017 A Harbinger Of What’s To Come The political season is in full swing. The November elections have just concluded and we are heading towards the start of our January legislative session. And, the 2018 election cycle has officially begun. Without question, the tone for the new session and the upcoming election cycle have […]

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