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Spinellis Moving On; Moutzouris Moving In

New Owners Vow To Keep The Old Traditions Alive By Erin Vanderberg On April 12, Mary Ellen and Jerry Spinelli stepped down from the helm at Spinelli’s Market after 20 years. While the sale is bittersweet for the Park Hill icons, they are confident that their market is in good hands with brothers John and […]

‘The Trees Are Old; They’re Grandpas’

Cara DeGette Deloris W. Gipson woke up the snowy morning of April 3 with a phone call: the old silver maple that had been growing at her house on 23rd  Avenue at Hudson Street had broken off its stump and was laying across the street. The tree had been growing there since long before Gipson […]


Fearfully Soft To Look Upon The Cornell Lab of Ornithology calls the Great Horned Owl – with its intimidating yellow-eyed stare and deep hooting voice – the quintessential owl of storybooks. These owls have excellent night vision and are fierce predators, with strong talons that can take down birds and mammals that are even larger […]

New Denver Planning Chief Vows to ‘Work Together’

Denver’s new director of Community Planning and Development (CPD) acknowledges his appointment is controversial and people have reasons for being skeptical of recent city actions. “The sacred trust that should exist between the community and the city is bruised,” said CPD Director Brad Buchanan during a recent meeting of the Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation coalition of Denver […]

Joyce Meskis On Newt, Hillary, and Eternal Optimism

Independent Bookstore Icon to Speak at May 16 Park Hill Bookstore Fundraiser By Jack Farrar Joyce Meskis is a successful entrepreneur, but those who know her story realize that her business model is not measured by profit and wealth. In 1974, Meskis purchased the Tattered Cover in Cherry Creek, all 900 square feet of it, […]

Freddie and Fannie and the Mysteries of the Loan Universe

Ever get confused with all the bewildering terminology bandied about regarding home loans? Muddled with the mysteries of where loans go after you scratch out those 73 signatures at closing? Who are all these Mae people anyway? You know, Fannie Mae and her cousins Ellie Mae, Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac. Reminds me of a […]

Floodplains Are for Floods – did Grandma know?

5.14.Watershed.Photo.Mayfair 1933 aerial (showing wet areas) Above is an aerial photo (Denver GIS) from about 80 years ago, showing what part of the Montclair Creek watershed looked like in Grandma and Grandpa’s day. The photo extends from Leyden to Ivy streets, and from 13th Avenue to Colfax Avenue. Areas that convey or hold water frequently […]

Community Announcements

Artist at Work  The artists of the La Napoule Art Foundation are finishing up the year in Park Hill at Park Hill Elementary, Ashley Elementary and Smith Renaissance School.  Pictured above is artist Michael Gadlin, an alum of Park Hill Elementary, and one of his students. LNAF is an art foundation whose mission is to […]

Meeting Seconds

District 2 Police Report Officer Reyes Trujillo reported that in North Park Hill in the previous month there were 10 burglaries, eight simple assaults, four thefts from motor vehicles, five reports of criminal mischief and one auto theft. In South Park Hill there were four simple assaults, nine thefts from motor vehicles, three reports of […]

Park Hill Garden Walk 2014: Walking Through The Gardens

By Barbara Armendariz Co-Chair, Garden Walk Committee June 14 is the day – 12 stunning gardens will be showcased from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. Rain or shine, walking through these lovely gardens will be a wonderful event to welcome summer. Park Hill is fortunate to have many generous gardeners every year who willingly invite […]

Greengrocers: Coming to a Front Yard Near You?

The Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council (SFPC) is proposing a zoning code change to include the sale of fresh produce and cottage foods as an allowable “home occupation.” According to the City of Denver Zoning Code a “home occupation” is a use that is accessory to primary residential use that allows limited business activities to […]

Jewelry of the Landscape

Annual flowers tend to get a bad rap from professional landscape and garden designers. However, there is a time and place for them. While their impact isn’t grand when they are dotted in the landscape, they can make a lasting impression when planted in large swaths in the ground or in containers. They are higher […]

Innovation Lab Offers Training in NE Park Hill

Programs foster career and business skills  By Katharine Brenton Residents of Northeast Park Hill will recall a time not so long ago when the site of the old Holly Square shopping center was an abandoned lot packed with unpleasant memories – and not a lot else. But today, between the Hiawatha Davis Rec Center across […]

Fizz, Boom, Read!

By Tara Bannon Join us at the Denver Public Library for an amazing Summer Reading Program. The Park Hill Branch library will be having fun and educational events and activities this summer, including dissecting owl pellets, hands-on science projects, live animal performers and book clubs for grades 2-12. Storytime and Book Babies will also be […]

So Many Bugs, So Little Time

Spring is in the air – finally! And, spring is also the time that your veterinarian starts bugging you about bugs. Warm weather makes the creepy crawlies more active and the things with wings will soon be here. Buggy things can be ingested by your pet through oral fecal contamination, e.g. the dirt at the […]

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