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Bardenay Pulls Out of Park Hill

Owner Nixes Plan For Kearney Street Distillery And Restaurant By Cara DeGette, Editor, GPHN In late February, the owner of Bardenay abruptly abandoned plans for a 236-seat distillery and restaurant in the old Tower Theater space on the business block of Kearney Street between 22nd and 23rd Avenues. The project, first detailed in the October, 2016 […]

Birdland: The Cormorants Are Back

It’s March, and that means the gangly, prehistoric-looking Double-crested Cormorants have returned to Duck Lake in City Park. Dozens of birds are pairing up and sprucing up their nests, made of sticks and grass and sometimes trash, in the island rookery trees. Both cormorant mates work on the nest, with the male hauling in the […]

Flawed Process Leads to Gilpin Closure

One Point Change Decides Fate Of Historic School There is a steady and constant churn of school closures and openings in Denver Public Schools that is affecting primarily minority and low-income communities. In its efforts to create “great schools in every neighborhood,” DPS has shuttered numerous neighborhood schools and created large enrollment zones that have […]

Sign of the Times

Hate Has No Home Here Project Benefits Project Worthmore, Colorado ACLU By Cara DeGette, Editor, GPHN It started as a simple post on the Park Hill Neighborhood Facebook page. To say it took off was an understatement. “The original Facebook post asked if any neighbors would be interested in a yard sign that says Hate Has […]

Letters to the Editor

Some Concerns About Fairfax I have been following the articles in the Greater Park Hill News concerning the proposed re-development of property at Fairfax between 28th and 29th streets. Thank you for covering this situation and for bringing these “quiet” developments into the light of day. I was not able to attend the Feb. 2 […]

Community Announcements

The Future Of Park Hill Golf Course Clayton Early Learning and the Clayton Trust, owners of the Park Hill Golf Course, are seeking public input over the future of the golf course, at 35th and Colorado Boulevard. Clayton Early Learning leases the operations of the golf course to a private management firm. The current 20-year […]

OP/ED: Say ‘No’ To Pretty Pictures And Big Talk

The Bill Always Comes Due By Tom Morris, Special to the GPHN This opinion is in response to Andrew Sense’s advocacy for YIMBYs, which appeared in the February issue of the Greater Park Hill News. YIMBYs are people who are pre-programmed to say “YES!” Not, “yes” or even “Yes.” Their enthusiasm for any old program […]

Talk of the Neighborhood

Editor’s Note: The following is a synopsis of what was discussed during the Feb. 2 Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. monthly meeting. The next community meeting is Thursday, March. 2 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at 2823 Fairfax St. It is free and open to the public, and everyone is welcome. District 2 Police Report Denver […]

Project Worthmore

Frank Anello, founder of Project Worthmore, shown here holding a photo of the Delaney Community Farm, where refugees have access to farming, healthy food and community. The nonprofit to help resettling refugees to the Denver metropolitan area started in Park Hill and now operates from a three-story building off Colfax near downtown Aurora. Project Worthmore […]

The Bill Has Arrived

Montclair Watershed Project Gets Real; It’s Time To Act When our 2017 Denver Storm Drainage bill arrived last month, the old feelings of disappointment and betrayal came back to me. My wife and I will be paying $78.44 for 6 months. We’re not happy about what the City & County of Denver plans to do […]

Thanks To Park Hill Donors and Members

Your Bounty Is Much Appreciated By Sierra Fleenor Executive Director, GPHC, Inc. We have been busy here at the office and without our incredible volunteers to help us manage our activities, we would be overwhelmed. I owe each of our volunteers a debt of gratitude not only for helping us get the work done, but […]

Reminders Of Our History

Volunteers, Justice – And Coffee – Keep Us Going By Sierra Fleenor, Executive Director, GPHC, Inc. One of the biggest tasks I’ve been engaged in since my arrival in January, beyond the day-to-day of keeping our doors open, has been going through files and old paperwork that has accumulated over the years. I won’t lie: At […]

Check Out The Chromebooks

Make Music, Make Pictures, Make Anything By Becky Corning, Librarian, Pauline Robinson Branch We now have Chromebooks available for checkout inside the library! You can check out a Chromebook at Pauline Robinson branch, Park Hill branch, or any of the other 24 locations of Denver Public Library. Here at Pauline Robinson, we have noticed some people […]

Food: A Few Myths To Bust

Get Beyond The Marketing When Choosing Pet Food Are you a label reader? Or are you a grabber – taking something off the shelf to purchase because of color, sales price sticker or some other visual? How do you choose your pet’s food? It’s not a simple thing anymore – there are close to 5,000 […]

News in brief

Developers to Update Plan For 28th And Fairfax Street The developers who quietly purchased much of the business block of Fairfax between 28th and 29th Avenues will present their plans during on Feb. 2 at 2823 Fairfax St, beginning at 6:30 p.m. The plans include demolishing the buildings on the east side of the street […]

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