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Volunteers, Donors, Members Step It Up In Park Hill

By Sierra Fleenor

Executive Director, GPHC

We have been busy here at GPHC. Between the Garden Walk in June and the 4th of July Parade, we have engaged dozens of volunteers and hundreds of participants in our community-building events.

We owe a huge thanks to all our sponsors, committee members, volunteers, and those who turned out to enjoy gardens, floats, and community in Greater Park Hill this summer. Please see our list below and thank these folks for their work if you see them out and about. The neighborhood wouldn’t be the fantastic place it is without each and every one of you.

We would also be remiss not to mention the wonderful team of volunteers who applied for and secured our inclusion in the Sustainable Neighborhood Program. The neighborhood-wide kickoff event for the program is Aug. 2 , from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Dahlia Campus for Health and Well Being, 3401 Eudora St. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the program and the types of events and workshops you can participate in (and even plan yourself) to help us make Greater Park Hill a more sustainable neighborhood.

Our donors, volunteers, and members have been incredible this month. We have received financial and in-kind donations, including fresh food grown by the folks at St. Thomas Episcopal Church and the folks at The Counterpath Community Garden (

Our donors provide crucial support to our food programs, which provide hundreds of neighbors with nutritional support each month. In addition to the special events volunteers, food pantry and farm stand volunteers continue to show up weekly, helping us distribute food to clients. We have had quite a swell of donations, which means a lot of work for our volunteers.

We have also received an outpouring of membership renewals this month and we are grateful for all the people and businesses that have renewed. Memberships support our programming and keep the Registered Neighborhood Organization strong.

This month, we need some specific items for our food pantry and farm stand: jars and cans of fruit, canned meats, hamburger/tuna helper, rice-a-roni, turkey chili, hearty soups, iced tea bags, scotch tape, can openers, spatulas, fresh veggies, fruit, eggs, milk, and other fresh items. In addition we can always use travel and regular sized shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, deodorant (for men and women), toothpaste, and toothbrushes. Please remember, we cannot distribute opened or expired food.

We accept donations Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our office, 2823 Fairfax St. If those hours do not work for you, you can also donate non-perishable items for our food programs at the Park Hill Branch of Denver Public Library, 4750 Montview Blvd., or at Cake Crumbs, 2216 Kearney St. during their business hours.

Thank you to all the following donors, volunteers, and members. You are a huge part of what makes this community so amazing. If you would like to become a volunteer, donor, or member please visit our website at or contact us at or 303-388-0918.


Janey Alpert

Rachel Barnes

Julie  Carr

Geneva Goldsby

Eliza Harper

Adrienne Hill

Alice Kelly

Thomas Korson

Lixia Lewis

Harriet Mullaney

Mary Mullarkey

David Parsons

Cheryl Solko

M. Walker

George Washington

AARP #995

Blessed Sacrament

Cake Crumbs and Patrons

Cure D’ Ars

Denver Food Rescue

Food Bank of the Rockies

Messiah Community Church

Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church

Park Hill Congregational

Park Hill Library and Patrons

Park Hill Methodist

St Thomas Community Garden

St Thomas Episcopal Church


Amelia Arku

Jason Barth

Barb Cavender

Lana Cordes

Melissa Davis

James Davis

George Dennis

Jack Farrar

Claudia Fields

Erin Green

James Groves

Nam Henderson

Noni Horwitz

Ryan Hunter

Brian Hyde

Patti Iwasaki

Megan  Jamison

Bernadette Kelly

Rod Leman

Debra Lovell

Tracey  MacDermott

Jasper Mueller

Brian Muller

Mike Quigley

Alison Rabinoff

Peggy Roberts

Rebecca Rogers

Mary Salsich

Heather Shulman

Blair Taylor

George Ware

Sue Weinstein

Donna Westmoreland

Garden Walk Volunteers

Annie Aaronson

Andrea Antogoni

Barbara Armendariz

Tara Bannon

Catherine Byrne

Irene Carlow

Barbara Cavendar

Dee Ciancio

Sarah Clark

Katy Conroy

Greg Davis

Melissa Davis

Jack Farrar

Pam Farrar

Carla Finch

Reginja Friend

Liz Haige

Joan Hickman

Pat Higgins

Caren Hutchenson

Sara Ingersoll

Emily Kent

Carol Leitner

Roberta Locke

Tracey MacDermott

Lynn Maedel

Lisa Mathews-Bingham

Steve Maturno

Patty Mead

Wendy Miner

Allison Nuances

Pat Quinn

Helen Quinn

Jennifer Schiess

Maureen Venzara

Polly Wirtz

Judy Wolfe

Sally Zeman

4th of July Parade Volunteers

Ingrid Anderson

Autumn Bjugstad

Justin Bresler

Alison Bresler

Ellie Bresler

Max Bresler

Charles Bresler

Michelle Golla

Billy Lehrer

Justin  Little

Robert Montoya

Charles Newcomb

Hugh Newcomb

Mike Regan

Andrew Sense

Brendan Spahr

Amy Sumner

Maggie Thompson

Eliza  Weber

New and Renewing Members

Karen Adkins

Celia (CM) Alires

Barbara Allen

Janey  Alpert

Harmon Alpert

Irene Andress

William Beaver

Janet Beaver

Barbara Behrns Vanderberger

Fred Bender

Holly Bennett

Lynda Berman

Jonathan Berman

Meredith Bishop

Corlissa Bolden

Nathan Bolden

(Rev.) Sally Brown

John R. Buschman

Carole J. Buschman

Ann Canavan

James Canavan

Barbara Charnes

Alan  Charnes

Richard Cherry

Dina Clark

Carmelita  Clayton

Peg Clover Stipek

Patricia Coan

G. Kevin  Conwick

Virginia  Conwick

Alicia Cronquist

Lauren  Currans

Tony Currans

Colin Deihl

Aron P.  Dobos

Hillary M. Dobos

Bernice Donohoue

Steve Donohoue

Sheila Duggy

Kim Erickson

Renate  Farmer

Judith Faught

Lisa Ann Flavin

Dorthy F. Flook

Judith E.  Flook

Denise Geiger

Ronald Gotlin

Tanya L. Greer

Lisa Haddox

Charles Haddox

Vicky Hardy

Shirley Harvey

Lee Ann Huntington

Mark Imhoff

Diane Imhoff

Charles  Jacobs

Robyn Jacobs

Greg Keefe

Christopher Lane

Susan Lane

John Lebsack

Eric Leedom

Troy Lerner

Marie Lombardi

Dawn MacKinnon

Joan and Jim Marchiori

Kimberly  May

Rex McGehee

Nina McGehee

Paul  Moe

Barbara Moe

Brian Moore

Brenda  Morrison

Micaiah Parreco

Dennis L.  Pearl

Rita Perez

Alan  Prendergast

Helen Quinn

Patrick Quinn

Judy  Rainwater

Rainwater/Rice Family

Arthur Rankin

Margaret  Roberts

Laura  Ruttum

Dagfinn Senturia

John Shaw

Brian Shaw

Katy Shaw

Beverly Skram

Peter Skram

Martin Smith

Eloise Smith

David Smith

Wendy Smith

Jody Smith

Melinda  Stewart

Scott Stewart

Andrew  Sweet

John  Taylor

Debra Taylor

Karen Timmons

Frank Timmons

Paul Tomlingson

Ruth Tomlingson

Neil (NW) Toribara

Glenn Tucker

Janice Tucker

Robert W. Vance

Robert Vanderberg

Michael Vellone

Theresa Vellone

Sandra Volkert

Barb Vossler

Paula  Wales

Laura Wegscheid

Gina B. Weitzenkorn

Madeline J.  White

Oliver Wolcott

Helen Wolcott

Guy Wroble

Susan Wroble

Patricia Zavadil

Denver Rescue Mission

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